Best Football Eyeshield For Youth & Adult Helmets

The Best Football Helmet Visors in 2017

Here are the top visors I have chosen for you based on my research about the product and online feedbacks from customers.

#1. Under Armour Football Visor (Gray with Mirror)

Under Armour Football Visor Gray with Mirror


There are very good reasons as to why this Under Armour football visor is one of the best out there. But before we delve into dissecting this visor fully, expect the following key features upon purchasing;

  • It’s very tough which is all thanks to the material its built from
  • The polycarbonate material for the lens is very lightweight and it’s able to deliver protection without having to weigh the wearer down.
  • Contains both anti- scratch and anti-fog and properties
  • Comes having tab logo stickers with multiple colours and numbers for teams which are meant to match the jersey of the wearer’s team.
  • One size fits all

The lightweight polycarbonate material that this visor is made from is strong and light ensuring that all protection that a player needs is provided without any extra weight being added on top of the one of the helmet. The tint coming with this visor is very helpful in keeping the eyes of the player protected from the UV/Blue light from the sun and the stadium lights. The easy and universal clip on system that arrives with this visor helps the user to install it with so much ease on almost every helmet around. It’s also is shatter proof courtesy of the polycarbonate material that we mentioned above. It finally comes anti-scratch and anti-fog which means that no matter the weather during play, you are good to go.

#2. EliteTek Visor/Eye-Shield “Hard Hitting No Quitting” (Gold and White)

EliteTek Visor Eye-Shield Hard Hitting No Quitting


This is another version of the EliteTek Eye shield (gold and white) and purchasing this visor comes with the following key feature;

  • It’s a clear visor meaning that it has no tint – This has received approval of both the Youth leagues and high school leagues.
  • It is universally fitting for both adult and youth helmets as the two clip system allows ease and speed when attaching and removing it.
  • Features a coating serving the purpose of anti-scratch and anti-fog. This ensures that clarity as well as durability is maintained regardless of the conditions.
  • Able to block UV/Blue light which is harmful to the eyes by eliminating glare and controlling the intensity of light.
  • You can get custom stickers for this visor.

To expound further on the visor, you are assured of the best visibility you can be able to find amongst a number of visors with this visor from EliteTek. This visor is also under the approval of the youth as well as high school/CIF leagues. The single size that it arrives with is universally fitting meaning that you are able to use it on a helmet of any size. Attaching and removing this visor is an easy task as a result of the two clip system it comes with. Under no circumstance are you going to find yourself fumbling with this visor which is an awesome thing.

Coatings for both the anti-fog and anti-scratch properties are applied to this visor, this is an assurance that all the nuisance one can get from scratches or fog is done away with.  This is also a shatterproof visor which implies that it’s a very durable as well as protective visor. This visor was built to help protect the player’s eyes from UV as well as Blue lights that are harmful. This assists in reducing glare that is very annoying to the eyes as well as controlling the light intensity which reaches the wearer’s eyes. Finally, EliteTek gives a person the opportunity of customizing the visor and this allows you to add any logos you want or any other form of branding for the kind of look that you are after.

#3. Under Armour Youth Football Visor Clear

Under Armour Youth Standard Football Visor


There really are very few visors out there dedicated to helping the wearer achieve their full potential during a game and this visor is one of those. This is a very clear visor which is of very light weight and comes with a horde of benefits to the user. To begin with, this piece of equipment from Under Armour helps in reducing the sun’s glare or that which comes from the stadium lights. The company has also employed the ArmourSight technology which gives them the much needed toughness and durability. On top of this, coatings for both anti-fog and anti-scratch properties are included on this visor enabling the player have a clear view regardless of the weather conditions.

#4. EliteTek Football Eye-shield Visor (Smoke Tinted)

EliteTek Football Eye-shield Visor Smoke Tinted


When the talk of football visors comes up, it can’t go without a mention of this EliteTek visor. Regardless of the fact that EliteTek, the company behind this brand of visor is relatively lesser known, this is one of the best options you can get in the market right now. The following are key features to expect with the smoke tint of this version of visor;

  • It’s a universal helmet fit – has two clip system which allows ease and speed when attaching and removing it.
  • Has a coating serving for anti-scratch and anti-fog resistant properties – This application is to ensure that that clarity and durability is maintained regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Has a 30% tint and its built from polycarbonate material which is impact resistant- This helps out blocking UV/blue light that is harmful to the eyes as it has the ability of eliminating glare and controlling the intensity of light.

This smoke tinted of the EliteTek eye shield visor comes with attachments that are universally fitting giving it wide use on a variety of helmets and this means that you can comfortably use this visor on any helmet that you own. It also is applicable to both young and adult helmets.

Another issue some users have is regarding scratches to the surface of the visor. This are also eliminated as it exhibits both the anti-scratch and anti-fog properties.

For players who wish to hide their eyes behind the mask, this visor will work perfectly for you as the 30% tint ensures that your opponent will really struggle to get a look at your eyes.

Finally it’s advisable for players to check for rules set up by their respective leagues as this are bound to differ from location to location as well as league to league before purchasing this visor.

#5. EliteTek Football Eye-shield Visor (Light Tint)

Elitetek Football Eye-shield Visor (Tinted Mirror)


The following are the key features that you should expect with this light tint of the eye shield visor from EliteTek

  • A light tint (15%)
  • It is universally fitting for both adult and youth helmets as the two clip system allows ease and speed when attaching and removing it.
  • Has a coating serving for anti-fog and anti-scratch resistant properties – This application is to ensure that that clarity and durability is maintained regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Can block out UV/blue light that is harmful to the eyes as it has the ability of eliminating glare and controlling the intensity of light.

This football visor is meant a person the benefit coming with the tint without all that being overly done. This tint protects the wearer from the glare coming from stadium lights as well as from the sun. This is visor is also a universal fit meaning that it can be used on any helmet. It’s built out of polycarbonate which gives the strength needed to protect the wearer on the field without having to add any extra weight to the helmet. Another thing is that this visor is also shatterproof which is feature present in every EliteTek visor. The tint helps in reducing the light intensity reaching the player’s eyes which offers a protection from very bright light.

#6. Schutt Sports Optics Elite Eye Shield

Schutt Sports Optics Elite Eye Shield


Besides the one of a kind look that comes with this visor it arrives with the following key features;

  • Injection that is moulded using high-impact polycarbonate.
  • Able to fit all Schutt helmets.
  • It can be customized with tab stickers available in eight colours.

The Pros of this visor

  • It’s one of the most durable of all eye shields.
  • It is an absolutely shatterproof visor as it’s built out of high impact polycarbonate.
  • It is a very light eye shield and therefore very easy to keep it on.
  • It is a totally anti-scratch eye shied.
  • It does an awesome job of keeping the sub’s glare out of the wearer’s eyes and helps in reducing the light intensity from the stadium lights.

The Cons

  • It’s only made to cater for Schutt helmets and you should ensure that it can fit the helmet you own before you purchase it.

#7. Unique Sports Clear View Football Helmet Eye Shield

Unique Sports Clear View Football Helmet Eye Shield


The following are the main features you get after purchasing this type of visor;

  • 3mm thick lens made out polycarbonate (distortion free).
  • Treatment with both anti-scratch and anti-fog coating on both sides.
  • Wrapped lens eliminating glare and blind spots.
  • Made out polycarbonate that makes it shatterproof.

The fact that this visor is built out of polycarbonate material implies that not only does it provide amazing clarity, but also increases the wearer’s field of view. The lens of this visor is both resistant to scratches during play and has anti-fog properties making it the ideal visor regardless of the weather condition. The polycarbonate material that this visor is made out of does not shatter in moments of impact meaning that it’s bound to last for a long time. The wrapped lens featured in this visor helps improve the player’s game as it reportedly helps in reducing blind spots. On top of other advantages gained with the polycarbonate material, it also helps in reducing the glare from the stadium lights as well as from the sun. It helps in eliminating UV and Blue rays from reaching your eyes. A player can easily fit the wrapped lens on any helmet as it so easy attaching it.

#8. Bangerz ProVu Football Eyeshield

Bangerz ProVu Football Eyeshield


The following main features should be expected with this visor;

  • It meets all the set specification for high school.
  • It can fit plastic as well as metal facemasks.
  • It has an anti-scratch coating.
  • Has an inner and outer anti-fog application
  • Anti-scratch coating
  • Made out of LEXAN which is a polycarbonate material able to withstand high impact.

The Pros of this football visor

  • This visor has been certified by all the relevant bodies where the colleges and high schools play.
  • The clip system that this visor arrives with allows ease in attaching and removing it.
  • It does an impressive job of protecting the player’s eyes from the sun and stadium light’s glare in addition to the UV and Blue rays that are harmful to the eyes.
  • It is a scratch resistant visor.
  • The LEXAN material that the visor is built out of gives it extra resistance in moments of high impact.
  • This Visor is available in a number of colours to pick from.

The Cons

  • It mainly is built for use by players in the high school level and fitting it into other helmets might be a problem.

#9. Oakley Football Eyeshield

Oakley Football Shield, Blue


This is a Oakley football visor which has employed several technologies in ensuring that the ultimate product can entirely be relied upon in maximizing performance by a player. To begin with, the High Definition Optics Technology gives helps in removal of vision distortion usually found in polycarbonate visors. The use of plutonite a synthetic material in the eyeshield gives it more durability in contrast to other visors made out of polycarbonate. Players can find amazing visibility despite the weather conditions as this visor is injection moulded which on top of this helps to reflect away glare which affects the player’s eyes.

The Pros of this visor

  • They are made out of a material which helps in eliminating vision distortion found in a number of polycarbonate visors.
  • It offers durability in contrast to other polycarbonate visors.
  • This eyeshield are capable of blocking 100% of UV rays and Blue rays which are very harmful to the eyes.
  • They come in a one size that fits all format.
  • These visors arrive with tint lenses, but these are optional.

 The Cons

  • The tints coming with this football visor are have been reported to cause obstruction to some player’s view.

#10. Nike Gridiron Youth Football Eyeshield

Nike Gridiron Youth Football Visor

This Nike Football Visor is for youth. Here are some great features you want to know:

  • Clear only
  • Wrapped lens is shatter and scratch resistant
  • Multi-colored decal pack included

#11. SHOC Visor for Football

SHOC Visor for Football Lacrosse Helmets


Purchasing this visor comes with the following top features;

  • Each of the SHOC visor gets shipped having a Soft cleaning cloth, clip connection kit and carry bag which are all SHOC branded.
  • This visor has the anti-fog anti-scratch coating and they are treated for hydrophobicity.
  • To ensure that it is shatterproof, this visor is crafted from polycarbonate and the lens it has ensures it protects the wearer’s eyes from UV light.

This visor is can be obtained in a wide range of tints which offer a great option for people who wish to express themselves in a unique manner.

It comes with complete having all clips which will help in securing it to a majority of helmets being used in the game. I have to point that this is a visor made for both football as well as lacrosse helmets and thus sold as a universal visor.

This is a very durable visor working great in very bright sunny conditions or in situations of overhead stadium lights and all the praise goes to the UV treatment featured on its lens. The hydrophobic treatment on this visor is quite an interesting addition which isn’t easily seen on some lower end models out there. With this treatment, it actually can repel water and moisture which assurance to a player that even when the weather is snowy or raining the visor will always remain clear. This makes the visor a great option if a person especially lives in the kind of climate where snow and rain are part of the game. Finally the SHOC visor is a great option for both adult as well as youth sized helmets and its installation and removal is an easy task which makes it an awesome option for use in the field.

Are Football Visors Legal?

Before you decide to buy that awesome visor that has caught your eye, it first of all is very important checking if it meets all the specifications of a visor set by the football body that you are playing under.

In high school the rules state that visors for use are supposed to be made out of materials that are clear and rigid. Tinted visors are not allowed and no exceptions to this exist.

In college there are two specific rules applying to visors. The first defines that it’s only a distributor’s label or the manufacturer’s label that should be present and it shouldn’t exceed 2 and ¼ inches. The second rules says that visors only be made from moulded material and should be without any tint.

In the NFL, tinted visors are not allowed reason being to promote uniformity in the uniforms and equipment. Players who don’t adhere to the rule are bound to face a fine.

Why Do Players Wear Eyeshield?

Visors in football are the curved pieces of plastic attached to the masks of the players covering their eyes. There is a wide range of benefits that come with visors as we will see below. If you are looking to buy football helmet visors, here are the reasons why you should:

Eye Protection

Protection is the key purpose of football visors. A number of players have chosen to wear the visors so as to prevent the risk of injury to their eyes. Injury to the eyes during a game is usually as a result of a strike to the eyes by the fingers or foot by an opponent through the opening of the helmet. There are players who also chose to wear the visor temporarily so as to prevent damage onto an injury that was pre-existent.

Improvement Of Vision

Visors are a huge benefit as they also have the ability of improving the vision of the wearer. Most notable in this case is whereby during a game when the ball becomes lost in the overhead lights or in the sun, this implies that the visors have the same effect as sunglasses when a person is starring into very bright light. More precisely, they function as light filters and help in vision correction.

For Expression

A number of players are known to wear the football visors as a way to express their personalities. This is aided by the fact that visors usually arrive in many patterns and a range of colours including black, blue, golden etc. These combination when donned by player helps in setting them apart from other players in the field.

The Competitive Advantage Of Hiding The Eyes

There exists tinted football visors which help in hiding a player’s eyes from the opponent. This has highly been regarded as an advantage to the player as the opponent will be incapable of determining his next move by merely looking through his eyes. But equally, this has also been seen as a safety risk as when there is event of injury, the person who comes to provide first aid needs to have a look at the players eyes to help him in establishing the condition that the injured player is in. This is why sports bodies like the NFL, National Collegiate Athletic Association and National Federation of State High School Football Associations have implemented a ban in tinted football visors.

Some Common Types of Football Visors and Eyeshield

  • Tinted football visors – This are the type of football visors featuring a tint in their design. The tint is variational according to brands or other factors as you may find some visors having a tint of 15% whilst others are available having a tint of up to 30%.
  • Chrome football visor – This are visors featuring the chromium tint.
  • Lacrosse Helmet Visors – This visors are usually found and best suited to serve the helmets of players playing lacrosse.
  • Youth visors – They are football visors built for use in the helmets of youth players and in some instances may even fit in adult helmets.
  • Adult visors – They are built to be used in the helmets of adult players.
  • Custom football visors – This type of visors are feature a personal design depending on the person’s style who is ordering them.