Nike Gridiron Football Visor For Your Helmets – 2017 Reviews

Evidence since late 1964, Nike, Inc. envisioned the sports accessories as pertinent necessities of the athlete enthusiasts and manufacture apparels, footwear, eye wears, shoes, and other amenities with the objective of supporting the player during the game. They managed to innovate and invent reliable and trusted sports accessories to bring comfort and motivation to the players in their games, training, and tournaments.

One of the best products of Nike are the football eye shields and these exceptional sports accessories are not just an ordinary face masks. Have a glimpse of these products below and consider them on your bucket list as your best options in buying eye shields. Your game will definitely become more thrilling, exciting, and challenge when you wear these cool sports visors.

#1. Nike Gridiron Adult Football Eye Shield

Nike Gridiron Adult Football Eye Shield

Just concentrate and never get distracted during the game since you have the amazing football visor that can give you a clear victory towards the competition. This product contains Nike Max Optics technology that provides a crystal clear view of the direction and the curvature contour will help wrapped the lens for the helmet to minimize the distortion. Moreover, this curvature shape is versatile so it will lessen the possibility of the eye shield to get crack, bend, shatter, or scratch.

It is constructed with shock-dampening attachments as well as soft rubber washers for its ultimate flexibility and dexterity. Built with molded polycarbonate which makes it durable and resistant to scratches. It has a universal size that can be fitted to most of the helmets. It has also a mounted hardware and manual for further instructions. Speaking of the price, it is definitely affordable despite its high quality.

Special Features:

  • Built-in polycarbonate for durability
  • Enhance with Nike Max Optics
  • Resistant to Shatters and Scratches
  • Overall Size: Adult Type – Universal Size
  • Available Color: White

#2. Nike Gridiron Youth Football Eyeshield

Nike Gridiron Youth Football Visor

Strategize your moves in the football game with the assistance of this eye shield. This product can help you focus with an ease and protect your eyes from sudden adrenaline rush during the game. It provides an excellent vision to see the path clearly and plan ahead your move. It is also built with polycarbonate material and infused with Nike Max Optics which makes the football visor durable, efficient, and reliable.

In addition, this product is enhanced with scratch and shatter resistant specifications as well as contains dampening attachments to lessen the risk of cracks. As to its price, it’s a little bit cheaper than the Nike Gridiron Adult Football Eye Shield.

Special Features:

  • Built with polycarbonate material
  • Infused with Nike Max Optics for clearer view
  • Scratch and Shatter resistant
  • Overall Size: Universal Size
  • Available Colors: Clear, White and Black

Gear Up to Complete Your Football Sports Wear Set

Navigate the field with your amazing Nike football visor and have the edge among your opponents by wearing this eye shield to protect your sight and get ahead of the goal. You may choose between the Nike Gridiron Adult Football Eye Shield and Nike Gridiron Youth Football Eye Shield since both these products can provide you the quality features for a comfortable and cool feeling.

Don’t hesitate when it comes to the price because you will get the satisfactory performance beyond your expectations. Just choose which between this two will perfectly fit your helmet and enhance your peripheral vision during the game.

These are not cheap football visors. You will never regret if you consider buying these eye shields. Trust only Nike for its competitive, reliable, and amazing sports accessories and advanced among the other players to achieve the victory!