Best Under Armour Football Helmet Visors

We can buy sports clothes and accessories based on our tastes and preferences, but when it comes to safety matters everyone should be especially careful in choosing the right thing. Under Amour innovating sports gear company uses both modern design and leading technologies in producing its sports equipment, making its merchandise comfortable and good-looking and, the most important, safe.

A long time has passed since the first primitive leather helmets were used on the football field. In a hundred years the technology of sports equipment improved dramatically, and the modern helmet is enriched with multiple features, such as a visor, a piece of curved plastic attached to a player’s mask that meant to cover the eyes, block the sunlight and protect against eye injuries. Let’s take a look at three Under Amour Football Visors that have great quality and positive reviews below.

Best Under Amour Football Eyeshields for Youth and Adult

#1. UA Unisex Visor

Under Armour Unisex Football Visor

This youth football visor, approved by American Youth Football, features exclusive lens made from a lightweight and strong polycarbonate material. The helmet has the universal fit and quick-release clips, which make it simple to use on practically any helmet without any additional tools. It has a clear color, so its usage is allowed in the most of the American schools; seeing the footballer’s eyes the doctor can give a fast and proper assistance in case of an injury, which is very important is saving one’s life. The transparent color and stylish black clips allow matching any helmet or uniform, both for boys and for girls. It also has the best money value and the best reviews.

#2. UA Standard Helmet Visor Clear

Under Armour Standard Football Helmet Visor, Clear

Strong polycarbonate lens of this helmet visor contains anti-fog coatings, which improves their quality and allows a player to see well during the rainy and foggy days. Anti-scratch covering speaks for itself, as a scratch may damage the sight or disturb from seeing the real picture of a game. The width of the lens is 9.5 millimeters, the height is 4.5 millimeters, and the bridge is 4.25 millimeters. As the previous Under Armour helmet visor, it fits any kind of helmets and gets easily attached to one. Each visor comes with free tabo logo stickers in multiple team colors and numbers to match the team jersey.

#3. UA Adult Visor

Under Armour Adult Grey Football Visor

This model of visor features the same features as the unit above, having anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings that protect its high-quality lens of any kind of defects. It is very easy and practical in use due to the special clips. Moreover, this item is a great choice for the players with sensitive eyes, since this visor is tinted with gray eyeshield, which means it filters out bright sunlight the way sunglasses do and provides advantages during the summer weather making the sight more clear. It is especially appreciated by players with photophobia, as they do not have to worry about losing the track of the ball even in the brightest sun. This tinted football visor has also other advantages, as it hides a player’s eyes from his opponent, so the competitor does not know which way the player is looking.